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Studying for exams can be daunting, yet even a small amount of effort can make a difference. Whilst certain individuals might discover that listening to music helps them retain facts better, others may require absolute tranquility to focus. For one medicine student, they have fixed upon a particular tune as an integral component of their study regime.

MC Frontalot wrote an intriguing piece and named it “The Hormone Song”. The song is a fascinating exploration of the endocrine system where one can find numerous details on various hormones and their corresponding roles.

After hearing the song on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the Student Doctor Network forum creator was shocked to find that after only one listen, they could comprehend and recall the lyrics without any difficulty.

Since the song came into her life, she’s been letting it play continuously as she’s concentrating on her studies. Apparently, this helpful melody has had an impact on more than one student—several have mentioned its usefulness as well.

To creatively emphasize their learning, one inquisitive student created a YouTube video with visuals of anatomical parts, set to music with lyrics inspired by the course.

If boosting your studying capabilities is something that intrigues you and you are not opposed to some cutting-edge hormone education, then why not explore “The Hormone Song”! After listening to it, you’ll be well on your way to scoring top marks on your next test.

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