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indexable lathe threading tools

Any machinist worth their salt knows the importance of having a set of indexable lathe threading tools in their arsenal. These tools make it simple to craft threads in a multitude of materials and on almost any type of lathe. There are multiple varieties of indexable lathe threading tools, each bringing its own unique advantages and drawbacks.

For threading through holes, spiral point tools are the go-to indexable lathe choice. Known for their quick-swap capabilities and straightforward design, they make for a convenient threading solution–though they can chip softer materials more easily than other types of tools.

When it comes to threading blind holes, V-point tools are a great option. Though they may take a bit more work to master compared to spiral point tools, they feature quick-change capabilities that make them ideal in certain circumstances. That said, take care with softer materials – due to their design, V-point tools can lead to chipping.

For those looking to add a finished look to materials, there are few tools more helpful than a chamfering tool. Primarily used on metals, they are employed in creating chamfer edges while able to also take on a range of other materials. Although more challenging than other threading indexable lathe tools, with practice they become increasingly move intuitive and time-saving.

Having the correct indexable lathe threading tool is essential for any machinist in their toolbox, allowing for streamlined threading of different types of materials on an array of differing lathes. There are several kinds of these tools, each having their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Take the time to pick the appropriate one for the job at hand, and soon you’ll be quickly and effortlessly creating threads on any type of material.

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