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indexable threading tool

Threading tools with an indexable cutting tooth are used for crafting threads on a workpiece. This type of tool is composed of a body that holds an insert, which houses the cutting elements. Installation of the tool is achieved by putting it into a CNC or Lathe machine, and the insert is rotated in order to make the required threads.

Compared to single-point cutting tools, indexable threading tools provide a simpler and smoother solution, with less of a ruckus. By simply swapping out the inserts, downtime is drastically cut, making the entire process much more efficient.

When working with indexable threading tools, it’s important to understand the difference between the two types: internal and external. Internal threading tools are utilized to create threads within a workpiece, such as a pipe, while external threading tools are typically used for cutting threads on the outside surface of an item.

From the smallest squares and circles up to the most colossal hexagons, indexable threading tools can be purchased in a variety of dimensions and configurations. The scope of these measurements corresponds roughly to the size of the insert.

Threading tools that can be indexed are available in a variety of materials, the most popular being carbide. This material has earned its place on top for its strength and durability. High-speed steel is a common option as well, with strength that falls a bit short of the hands-down leader, carbide. The hardest of the bunch is cobalt, however it won’t last as long as its contemporaries due to its lower resistance to wear and tear.

For the purpose of producing threads on a range of objects – including bolts, screws, and pipes – indexable threading tools are employed across several industries such as automotive, aerospace, and energy.

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