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industrial arts wrench tap label

A label for an industrial arts wrench tap, usually white with black lettering, provides an essential identification of the tap size. Located close to the tap end, this label ensures that the application will use the right size tap. This important sticker allows mechanics of any experience level to work with the correct wrench dimensions.

The industrial arts wrench tap label contains essential information about the size, pitch, and type of tap. Most taps come in three varieties: taper, plug, and bottom. A taper tap has a subtly tapered body designed for threading into a blind hole. A plug tap has a cylindrical shape that makes it useful for finishing threads in an outward-facing hole. When it comes to threading through-holes, a bottom tap—with its tapered form—is the tool for the job.

For successful threading with a tap, the flow of the arrows found on the label should be carefully followed. To begin threading, the wrench must be turned in the direction of the initial arrow. To complete threading, continue to turn the wrench following the second arrow indicated.

When tapping a hole, the size of the tap must be equal to the size of the hole itself. So, using a 10mm tap in a 9mm hole is simply not an option. Furthermore, these taps cannot be exchanged – a taper tap won’t be suitable for a bottom tap hole. If a tap happens to break within the threading of a hole, it can cause significant damage to the threading, making it tricky to reuse the correct size tap in that same place.

A generous application of lubricant can be the difference between a seamless task and a waste of time while using a tap. Sufficient lubrication makes turning the tap effortless, preventing it from breaking, and ensuring its extraction is an easy undertaking.

If you don’t know which size of tap to use for your task, it’s best to seek advice from an expert.

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