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insert threading tool

Insert threading tools are essential creations used to fashion internal threads within a workpiece. Different kinds of insert threading tools serve particular functions, but none as commonly as the tap, best used for setting threads in a blind hole.

Choose one of the diverse sizes and designs of taps for the thread you’re creating. One of the most popular is the taper tap. This consists of a tapered body and helical thread and is ideal for boring into blind holes. To use the taper tap, insert it into the hole and turn it clockwise. The turning motion will then carve grooves into the side of the cavity–resulting in a threaded hole.

Combining a fluted body with a spiral thread, the spiral flute tap is a valuable insert threading tool. Rotating clockwise while in the hole, the tap creates threads in the side walls as it is advanced through the pass-through. This extension of the hole becomes threaded, allowing objects to be securely affixed with turned screws.

A different approach to threading is the slotting of a thread former. This method shapes the interior of a workpiece without cutting its components. The thread former is inserted into the hole and spun clockwise, action that causes threads to appear on the pieces of the hole.

Insert threading tools come in a wide assortment of types, all tailored to suit the various kinds of threads. Among them, taps are the most commonly used. Depending on the thread that needs necessary creating, you can purchase taps in an array of sizes and models.

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