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installing threaded headset without specialized tools

While it is technically possible to install a threaded headset on your own, without relying on the proper equipment it requires extra effort and attention. Primarily, the existing headset must be removed, which begins with taking off the top cap and the stem from the fork. After this step is accomplished, you will need to handled the fork crown race. It can either be done with a punch and hammer or an appropriate tool. Afterwards, you must firmly press in the new headset. Doing so requires either a special headset press or a block of wood and hammer. Finally, the new top cap and stem must be fitted using a wrench or again, the suitable tools designed for that purpose.

While installing a threaded headset requires more time than a standard one does, it can certainly be accomplished without professional gear. As long as you are careful and don’t rush the job, you’ll soon have your new headset fitted and ready to take you out for a spin!

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