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ips brand threading tools

Threading a needle can be a difficult task but with ips threading tools, this no longer needs to be the case. Their wide selection of needles in various sizes makes them suitable for any type of thread. In addition to their wide number of threading tools, ips also offers a variety of other essential supplies for sewing, including scissors and extra needles.

In the year 1856, Isaac P. Singer – a man renowned for his revolutionary sewing machine inventions and manufacturing – founded Ips. His breakthrough invention of a model, capable of being operated efficiently by both right and left-handed people, granted him the prestigious honor of receiving the very first patent for a sewing machine.

Ips provides an assortment of sizes of needles for its threading tools. Most commonly utilized is the #7, intended for utilization with a diverse array of threads. Those wanting a smaller needle for more delicate types of thread will likely make use of the #5 variety, while those needing a needle suitable for thicker threads are likely to settle on the #9 option as their preference.

Ips has got plenty of sewing supplies to offer – from scissors to needles. Whichever hand you favour, be it right or left, the company has a selection of steel-made scissors specially designed for you, featuring an ultra-comfortable grip.

From the minute to the large, Ips needles can accommodate any thread and can be acquired either curved or straight. No matter the size or shape, Ips has the right needle for you!

Anytime work with fabric arises, an Ips threading tool becomes indispensable for the sewing process. Capable of connecting any kind of thread, these essential tools are invaluable in a person’s sewing station. Adding to the possibilities, the company offers an abundance of other pieces of equipment for crafting – scissors for cutting and needles for piercing the material.

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