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kennametal threading tools

As a global leader of metalworking excellence, Kennametal provides tools and services for a myriad of industries; aerospace, automotive, construction, mining and oil and gas. Renowned as a hallmark of quality, their threading tools remain at the cutting edge of reliability.

When it comes to threading, Kennametal provides the perfect solution. With a wide assortment of sizes and styles, their threading tools are tailor-made for your specific needs when pipes, taps and dies need to be threaded. All their tools are created with top-notch materials, like carbide, so you can rely on them to be strong and long-lasting.

When searching for a threading tool, Kennametal can be trusted to provide a perfect fit for your needs. Regardless of complexity, their options make operations effortless and guarantee excellent precision in the results. Any metalworking project should strongly consider Kennametal’s selection of threading tools.

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