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large pitch threading tool

When machining, a convenient and efficient option for creating threads on a workpiece involves using a large pitch threading tool. This useful tool is composed of a tool bit containing a specialized cutting edge that can form threads into the workpiece, as well as a holder that helps secure the entire device to the machining equipment.

Utilizing a large pitch threading tool, threads can be fashioned onto bolts and screws externally, as well as on the internal surfaces of tapped holes.

To produce threads in a workpiece, a machine tool moves the cutting edge of a large pitch threading tool bit in either a linear or rotary motion. As the tool bit is f ed into the material, the sharp end carves away the material to form the desired shape.

A pitch threading tool of great size is able to craft a range of threads with diverse pitches, including those which are coarse or delicate. The pitch of the threads is ultimately dispatched by the selected tool bit.

The expansive tool comes in handy when threading an array of materials, such as metals, plastic, and composites. This tool can be used on a variety of workpiece shapes, from cylindrical to conical and from straight to tapered.

A multifunctional tool for producing different kinds of threads, the large pitch threading instrument is simple to use and capable of working with dissimilar shapes and materials.

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