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leather threading tool

Creating beautiful leather goods requires an essential piece of equipment: the leather threading tool. This handy tool allows you to create perfect holes in the leather which you can then stitch or lace together. There is a fantastic range of leather threading tools available for purchase, however the go-to choice for most leatherworking professionals would be the rotary leather threading tool.

The rotary leather threading tool is a handy device with a cylindrical head featuring a pointed tip. When you grasp the tool, your hand turns it in a circular motion, and the tip offers an ideal size and depth of puncture in the leather. You are able to customize the size of hole by adjusting the clockwise or counterclockwise angle of rotation.

The size of your leather threading tool is essential for achieving the desired hole diameters. Consequently, it is wise to select an instrument that is the right size for your leather project. Failing to take such an appropriate measure could lead to unsatisfactory results.

When making a purchase for a leather threading tool, two main point varieties should be taken into account. The first option being the blunted point, which is tailored to creating punctures in more pliable types of leather. Then there is the sharper type, ideal for piercing firmer leather materials.

For optimal results when piercing leather using a threading tool, it is important to remain cautious. Working at a slower speed with a softer touch prevents any unnecessary damage. If it is the initial piercing attempt, it is best to start out small and expand from there as necessary. This technique will result in an optimal outcome when threading leather with a tool.

After piercing the fabric, the needle must be drawn across, starting from the back side. Carefully thread it through the hole and then pull snugly, allowing you to secure a knot at the end.

To complete the process, we must now prune off the spare thread that projects from the rear of the leather. There is no better tool for doing this than either a edged knife or a pair of shears. When all surplus thread has been cut away, your leather item is now ready to be used.

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