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manual autoclave coning and threading tool

Welding two pieces of metal? There’s a simpler way – autoclave coning and threading. Here, a tool is used to craft a conic port in one metal element. Its counterpart, running through this orifice, is held fast by means of the threads crafted by the same tool or a specialized machine.

The art of autoclave coning and threading begins with the formation of a cone-shaped opening, crafted using a tool referred to as a die. By positioning the die on the metallic element, you can use a pointed punch to create the desired shape: the size of the opening determines what type of thread can be implemented.

After fashioning a conical hole, the next stage is to pass the second metal section through this entry. This can be achieved manually with a tap to generate the thread, or with a machine by utilizing a die.

To bridge the gap between the two metal pieces, the autoclave coning and threading technique involves welding, brazing, or attaching a threaded fastener.

Joining two metal pieces together is made possible with the assistance of autoclave coning and threading, a technique commonly used to form threaded fasteners and bind metal pipes. This process can be achieved readily with either human labor or mechanized equipment.

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