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measuring tool for threads

A thread is a device that may be used to secure two or more pieces together. Quite commonly, such threads consist of a helical groove carved into a cylindrical material. Alternatively, it is possible to cut threading into an already existing hole.

Depending on the purpose, threads can be measured in a variety of different ways. Their major diameter, minor diameter, and pitch are all useful measurements. The major diameter is the largest of them all, while the minor diameter is the most diminutive. For pitch calculation, one must measure the difference between one point on a thread and the same point on the next thread along the axis of the thread.

When determining the specifications of threads, there is a multitude of equipment to utilize. For instance, thread plug gages are effective for evaluating all three components: major diameter, minor diameter and pitch. Thread ring gages are able to assess the major and minor diameters but do not be diagnose the pitch. Last but not least, a thread micrometer is the ideal choice for gauging all three dimensions of a thread perfectly.

The type of tool needed for measuring threads depends upon the degree of accuracy necessary for the given application. For instance, if precision is paramount, employing a thread micrometer may be the optimal option. If an excessive level of exactness is not needed, then a thread plug gage or thread ring gage will likely suffice.

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