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micro 100 internal threading tool

Micro 100’s versatile and powerful internal threading tool can give new life to old materials. With its quality design and robust functionality, this multi-capable tool can be used to craft high-precision internal threads in metals, plastics, and composites alike. In addition to fabricating threads, it can also rescue unsalvageable threads by repairing them as well as creating brand-new ones inside previously unthreaded openings.

Find perfect versatility with the internal threading tool. This handy tool is offered in a host of sizes and types, ideal for countless applications. Utilize a range of drill bits, taps, and dies to complete the job, all usable with an array of lathes from those featuring CNC controls up to more traditional models.

Whether it be creating new threads, restoring damaged ones, or threading the insides of different materials, the internal threading tool is the ideal solution. Available in an array of sizes and configurations, this device can satiate many of your threading needs. Additionally, it’s equipped for pairing with multiple lathes, even those with CNC controls- so you can tackle such projects with remarkable ease and precision.

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