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mits tool to helical bore threads in hard material

To increase the aperture or complete the size of a drilled, reamed, or milled opening, boring is employed. It involves a single-point tool that is securely affixed in a tool holder for profound rotation, with the cutting edge pressed against the workpiece at a standardized speed. As the tool goes into the hole, material is dispensed from the item in question.

Through the machining process of boring, hole shapes such as round, oval, square, and rectangular can be created and also used to enlarge or complete an existing hole. As a flexible machining option, boring is applicable to metals, plastics, composites, and further can be used to make internal and external threads. As a result, this process serves as an essential tool in many fabrication sectors.

Mitsubishi Electric presents the MAF3020 – a powerful CNC horizontal boring machine designed to thread helical bores into durable material. Boasting a 20mm boring bar and capable of holes up to 30mm, it can easily tackle anti-wear parts with material hardness up to 65 HRC. Plus, to simplify operations, it is integrated with their MMS20 CNC control system – a user-friendly interface that guides users in threading, drilling, and reaming. All of this wrapped up in one versatile machine!

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