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molle threading tool

Anyone with a Molle system should add a threading tool to their kit. It’s an essential device that allows the webbing to be quickly connected together, forming a range of unique configurations and making it possible to spontaneously adjust the system if need be. It can even be used to restore any damage.

Piercing through the webbing and creating loops to interconnect all the components of the MOLLE system is the forte of the needle- the indispensable part of the molle threading tool. Opting for the right size needle is quintessential as it determines the size of the resultant hole – be it for attaching straps or any other purpose.

To maneuver the needle part of a molle threading tool, you’ll need a comfortable handle to help you apply the necessary pressure for puncturing through the webbing. This handle should provide the user with a secure grip so that sufficient pressure can be applied to pierce the fabric.

Found at the forefront of the molle threading apparatus is the guide – a key part in the process, acting as a beacon in creating a reliable path for the needle as it embarks on its mission to pierce through the webbing. On top of this, it also serves to flatten out any bevels that may form during threading, ensuring it stays smooth and efficient. Providing a stable anchor for this often-overlooked aspect of craftsmanship is typically a metallic or plastic fixture, firmly secured to the handle of the tool.

Need to trim the webbing after it has gone through the thread? The cutter, found at the fourth section of the molle threading system, is the tool for the job. Made either out of plastic or metal and securely attached to the handle, this device will guarantee that your webbing is properly cut.

Knots don’t stand a chance with the Molle threading tool’s final component: the tensioner. It might be plastic or metal, but nothing gets the job done quite like it when it comes to keeping webbing tight while threading. Clasped onto the handle, this tool is your ticket to smooth, secure stitching!

The molle threading tool requires the webbing to be carefully woven its way through the system, beginning at the bottom and gradually making its way upwards. When you’ve finished running it through, take the cutter and trim it to size. Then use the tensioner to keep the webbing held tight, and finally use the needle to stitch it back into place.

Every Molle owner needs to be equipped with a reliable molle threading tool. This simple but indispensable tool makes webbing assembly a breeze, allowing you to customise your Molle system in countless ways. Smooth and speedy adjustments are well within reach, and any wear-and-tear can be swiftly fixed.

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