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multi-threaded pst import tool

In order to store emails, contacts, calendar items, and other crucial data, Microsoft Outlook relies heavily on PST files. If you have several of them, it may be a wise choice to leverage a tool that can comfortably import all of those files into Outlook concurrently.

The Multi-Threaded PST Import Tool from Microsoft offers a convenient way of incorporating several PST files into Outlook in an expeditious manner. Easily downloadable from the Microsoft website, it is an invaluable addition to the Outlook toolkit.

After acquiring the tool and properly integrating it, you must activate it. Subsequently, you can start looking through the PST files of your selection to start the import process. You don’t possess a limitation to how many PST files you add: All of them will be drawn into the parallel importation.

After the tool is engaged, it will start migration of PST files – and you may monitor the process in the window. When the import is done, a report of overall outcomes including the amount of content included from each PST file will be presented.

If you’ve got a stack of PST files that need to find their way into Outlook, the Multi-Threaded PST Import Tool offers a great solution. It can greatly reduce the time it takes to get all of your files imported at once through running parallel imports, as well as provide a thorough report of the success of the process.

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