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needle threader tool for sewing machine

Needle threading can be an irritating chore, but it doesn’t need to be! A needle threader is the perfect tool for taking the fuss out of the process. Simple to use and compatible with many types of sewing machines, this small implement can make threading your needle a breeze.

Installing a needle threader is an easy way to simplify your sewing procedure – and the good news is they’re usually quite budget-friendly. So, if you don’t already have one built into your machine, you’ll find plenty to choose from in the average craft store. Investing in one of these handy gear pieces will save you time and hassle!

With the needle cupped in the palm of your strongest hand, take the needle threader and fix its hook onto the eye of the needle.

Gently take the strand of thread and wrap it all around the needle threader’s hooked tip.

With a slow, steady motion, draw the threader through the eye of the needle. You should be able to detect the pull of the thread as it passes through.

At first, if the string fails to smoothly pass through the sewing tool, be patient – repeat the task until it finally glides across. There may be required several attempts before you begin to adeptly handle the needle.

After pushing the thread through the eye of the needle, get rid of the thread-handler and cut off the thread.

Commence the Stitches – The Needle Is Threaded and Ready!

Threading a needle is no longer a tedious task – the needle threader does the job in seconds, allowing quilters and crafters to get back to their projects in a flash. These small but mighty tools are a must-have for those who love to stitch!

A sewing machine without a needle threader can be frustrating and time consuming, so why not make the small investment and purchase one? It’s an economical solution that you can find at virtually any craft store.

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