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od roll threads tool on the lathe

For creating threads along the circumference of pipes and other cylindrical objects, an OD roll thread is an essential tool effectively used on a lathe. This type of technical instrument is designed to create a spiralling ridge around the outer diameter of a workpiece, for a secure fit.

Spiral-shaped OD roll threads can be made through a standard three-edged tool. It consists of two slightly longer edges forming a triangle, which enables the cutting of threads according to the desired shape. This is the most popular choice for obtaining the ideal thread design.

The tool is delicately embedded into the workpiece, and as it is gradually moved along, the cutting edges interact with the material, carving out threads that form a series of grooves. These grooves are what we know of as threads.

As each pass of the tool is completed, the depth of the threads is adjusted by carefully controlling the amount of material that is sculpted away. A deeper thread signifies that more material has been removed, allowing for the crafting of threads of various depths.

The OD roll thread process results in the formation of several thread types, the most prominent being UNF, UNC, and 8-pitch. Joining of pipes and other cylindrical items is made smoother with UNF threads created with OD roll thread technology.

With this tool, you can lend a variety of looks to the threads. The most popular one is the bright finish, which is achieved by buffing the threads with a fine-grained abrasive agent.

High speed steel (HSS) is the material of choice for OD roll threads due to its resilient nature. With its capacity to efficiently withstand the extreme temperatures incurred in cutting, as well as its notable resistance to wear, HSS ensures these tools are equipped with superior longevity.

With a range of producers to choose from, producing outstanding OD roll threads, you are sure to find something that meets your needs – be it Tool, Aloris or Dorian. All three of these names are renowned for their quality output and reliable performance.

OD roll threads are a highly useful tool for joining pipes and other cylindrical objects with precision. They allow you to customize threading to get a variety of different looks and finishes on your projects. This makes them an invaluable tool for any type of project that requires precise threading or a unique aesthetic.

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