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on edge threading tools

The Benefits of Edge Threading Equipment

Edge threading tools are created for the purpose of producing a cut on the surface circumference of a workpiece. These tools assist with producing threads on cylindrical parts like pipes and tubing.

The primary techniques for on edge threading involve slicing away excess material and then forming the thread from what remains. Cutting tools are necessary for this process, being used to take away the unnecessary, while forming tools form the thread after-the-fact, resulting in the finished product.

For on edge threading tasks, high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide tools are two popular choices. HSS is the go-to material for these tools as it is strong enough to handle the swift cuts that are necessary in on edge threading. Carbide also works well as it can handle tougher materials, like stainless steel, with ease.

With on edge threading, cutting is generally conducted at a speed of 100 to 200 feet per minute, while the advancing rate rests somewhere between 0.004 and 0.012 inches per full rotation.

On edge threading requires distinctly-shaped cutting tools, most commonly the three-sided pyramid tool, also dubbed a ‘triangle tool.’ With a unique geometric 60-degree included angle, this tool is designed to carve sleek threads into the material. Alternately, a half-circle cutout may also be employed.

Edge threading can be achieved using three-sided pyramid tools, which are the most popular, as well as half-circle and full-circle tools. Regardless of the desired shape, these tools offer a versatile range of capabilities for machining.

The half-circle tool is tailored to create threads with an included angle of 30-degrees, while the full-circle tool is intended to form threads of 90-degrees.

Working a manual edge threading tool on your workpiece requires either a clockwise or counterclockwise movement. The process involves inserting the tool to the depth you desire before slowly withdrawing it from the object. Of course, when CNC machinery is utilized, the task can be achieved without requiring human oversight.

Operating a threading tool with a CNC machine is an effortless endeavor; the only input required from the operator is the introduction of their desired threading specifications into the machine, after which the CNC machine will do all the underlying work.

Unleashing the Benefits of On-Edge Threading

Edging threads can be formed in multifarious materials, such as minerals and synthetics, using cutting tools.

Edge threading tools can be used to slice through a varied assortment of threads, each with their own size and pitch.

Threading tools, designed to assist in various cutting and manufacturing processes, can be effortlessly operated either manually or by way of a CNC machine.

Edge threading is a highly convenient way to slice through threads at a brisk speed.

Drawbacks of On-Edge Threading

Compared to other threading apparatus, those of the edge variety tend to come with a higher monetary cost.

Manipulating an edge threading device can prove to be a daunting task for untrained hands.

Edge threading can yield threads that are not as reliable as those created with other threading techniques.

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