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piloted tap wrench

Making precise threads on a workpiece is made easy with a piloted tap wrench. This specialized die holder works with a lathe or drill press to create the desired threads. The tool is comprised of two parts: a pilot at one end, which is designed to properly align it with the workpiece, and a tap at the other, which is used to cut the threads.

To get started with a piloted tap wrench, the first step is finding out what the tap size and thread pitch are. Think of the tap size like the diameter of a pilot, and the pitch as the amount of threads per inch that are there on the tap. Determining these two attributes can be carried out by checking what’s been stamped on the tap itself.

After positioning the pilot at the center of the workpiece, the tap must then be adjusted to line up directly with it. Next, the tap must be carefully secured to the pilot, and it is essential to ensure that the body of the wrench is firmly attached to the tap to complete the process.

Once placed in the desired area, the wrench must be rotated in a clockwise motion to create the threads. As it is turned, the tap will delicately craft each thread. It is important to evenly distribute pressure across the wrench while gripping the tap to prevent any damage from occurring. This pressure can be adjusted to achieve a specific depth of threading.

Once the thread has been cut to the desired length, the wrench is twisted counterclockwise to take the tap out of the workpiece. The grip of the wrench is then relaxed, allowing for the extractment of the tap. Now, with its newly made threads, a thorough assessment can be done.

If the required depth is not achieved through the initial thread-cutting endeavor, the tap can be further twisted into the workpiece with a single turn till the preferred result is attained.

Tap wrenches, which are used with pilot holes, are an incredibly handy tool to have in any toolkit. Their capability for cutting threads of any size makes them ideal for creating fasteners for operation in lathes and drill presses.

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