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pipe threading tool antique

To create an internal or external thread into a pipe, pipe threading is a must. This can be accomplished with either a lathe or a pipe threading machine, or through manual labor. The most recognizable sort of pipe threading is NPT (National Pipe Thread), but British Standard Pipe Thread and metric threads are available too.

Pipe threading is a tried-and-true process that dates back to 1588, when Sir John Harington first applied screws to pipes. It was not until 1828 that the process gained greater notoriety after American inventor Amos Whitney patented a machine for cutting threads onto pipes. To make the pipe threading process even more efficient, other inventors made improvements to Whitney’s design in the late 19th century, and the machines began to become commonplace. Thus, an age-old methodology finally had a tool to make it a widespread industrial reality.

Manufacturers of pipes and fittings cannot understate the importance of an accurate pipe threading process. After all, a mistake in thread production could result in leakage. To tackle this issue, pipe threading machines are available to deliver precision cutting of threads.

An adept amount of skill is required for pipe threading, with a range of specialized tools involved to deliver the optimum results. Pipe threading machines are usually the go-to choice but lathes and hands-held tools can be used in other scenarios.

A pipe threading machine houses a chuck that holds the pipe in situ, while a cutting tool is mounted atop a carriage that slides along a track. Simultaneously, the guide ensures that the tool slices the thread along accurately angled lines.

When it comes to pipe threading, one has the option of taking a manual or an automated approach. Although the automated route may involve more upfront costs, this method proves to be speedier and more precise.

When operating a pipe threading machine, caution must be exercised, as the metal cutting tool is extremely sharp. Moreover, the risk of the pipe breaking increases dramatically if not properly fixed in the chuck. Therefore, following the proper safety protocols is essential for remaining safe during this hazardous process.

In the production of tubes and related fixtures, the ability to thread pipes is an essential component. This work necessitates specialised gadgets and techniques that only expert craftspeople can execute.

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