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pipe threading tool holder 1.75 dies

Shielding your cutting dies from harm, pipe threading tool holders provide the essential protection during the threading of pipes. Available in multiple sizes, you can certainly find what you need for dies of different dimensions—the most commonplace being 1.75 inches in diameter.

Threads are carved into the surfaces of pipes through the process of pipe threading. A sharp, circular cutting tool known as a die is what carves these threads. This die is housed in a holder and then attached to a lathe; while the pipe spins, the holder is steadily guided down its length with the die slowly cutting into it, creating threading.

Steel, aluminum, and plastic are popular materials for crafting pipe threading tool holders. These holders, chiefly made of steel, offer strength and longevity. But for a lightweight and budget friendly option, aluminum is an alternate choice. Plastic holders are the least favored due to their lack of robustness in comparison to the other materials.

When selecting a holder, it’s imperative to ensure that the size is compatible with the die size in question. Although 1.75 inches in diameter is the most common option, there are multiple variations available. Simultaneously, the length must be sufficient enough to guarantee that the die will cut completely through the pipe.

Having the appropriate tool holder is paramount to achieve success when pipe threading. These holders secure and safeguard the necessary cutting dies, and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any size die. Picking the best holder for your endeavor is critical for success.

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