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pipe threading tools

To join pipe sections or reveres any thread damage that may have occurred, pipe threading is the answer. This involves either cutting or forming internal and external thread patterns on a pipe. The entire procedure can be completed manually with the aid of a die and tap, or alternatively, employing the use of a specialised machine.

The Perishing Tap Technique

Place a die onto the pipe to carve external threads; round, split-ring design creates grooves around the circumference. Then employ a tap to delicately cut the internal threads – this tool is tapered and spiraled with delicate flutes so that as it’s screwed in, threads appear in the inside of the tubing.

Carefully fitting the die onto the pipe, one must then affix the tap clockwise. By turning them together, a specific depth of thread can be reached. Once done, the die can be removed from its spot.

Those who work with pipes require reliable machinery for cutting reliable threads on them. Such devices come in two types: portable and stationary. The former are designed for use in construction settings, while the latter are meant for enhancing productivity in shops and factories. With these powerful machines, tedious pipe threading can be handled with an impressive degree of efficiency and accuracy.

Pipe threading machines employ a variety of tools to create threaded patterns. Among the most popular are:

Taps: To craft internal threads within a pipe, spiral-fluted tools with tapered ends must be inserted. Primarily known as ‘taps’, these tools expertly weave a threaded lining to lock in place.

Cutting external threads on a pipe requires the use of a die. This round, segmented tool is designed to be wound onto the pipe, allowing it to cut through the material and create the desired thread.

A gamut of different accessories, such as threading machines, are used to achieve desired results.

Pipe supports are an essential part of the threading process, securely grounding the pipe in its place. They provide steady and reliable support throughout the procedure.

To create properly aligned cuts, centering tools are implemented to pair the cutting instrument with the tube.

To maintain the optimal temperature of cutting tools and workpieces during operations, oil coolers are a necessary component.

The process of pipe threading can be completed using either a manual or automatic machine, the latter of which is typically quicker and delivers improved accuracy compared to its manual counterpart.

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