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protein threading online tool

Protein threading is a computational strategy to forecast the three-dimensional arrangement of a protein, based on its amino acid sequence. This approach is based on the insight that the order of its amino acid sequence is more easily retained than its exact spatial configuration.

Banking upon stored facts about preexisting three-dimensional structures, threading algorithms assess the arrangement of amino acids within a protein in order to predict the most likely conformation. Through examining a sequence-structure matching score, the process helps deduce the optimal structure for the protein in question.

When experimental techniques such as x-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy are not applicable, protein threading proves to be a quick and effective approach to predicting protein structures.

Although protein threading can yield incorrect structure predictions at times, it remains a useful approach for attempting to uncover the architecture of a protein. To guarantee reliability, it is typically leveraged with further methods like sequence alignments, allowing for more accurate estimates.

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