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raceface threaded bottom bracket tool

The bottom bracket of a bicycle is the point where the pedals are seamlessly connected to the frame. Its shell is a portion of the frame, providing an enclosure for the bracket bearings. These bearings permit effortless rotation of the crank arms.

Threaded bottom brackets snugly fit into the bottom bracket shell with the use of locknuts, while press-fit bottom brackets are securely fastened within the shell with nothing more than friction.

The kind of bottom bracket demanded for your bike depends on the type of frame you possess. The majority of present-day frames are equipped with threaded bottom bracket shells. Comparatively, more mature frames may necessitate either style of bottom bracket.

To affix or unfasten a threaded bottom bracket, a bottom bracket tool is required. This tool is necessary to securely loosen or tighten the locknuts, thus ensuring the bottom bracket remains solidly in place.

Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, the Raceface Threaded Bottom Bracket Tool is your perfect workmate when it comes to installing Raceface bottom brackets. This top-of-the-line tool is designed for use with a torque wrench, allowing you to precisely and safely tighten the bottom bracket.

To begin, detach the crank arms from the bottom bracket until they are no longer connected. Afterwards, use your raceface bottom bracket tool to unscrew and take off the locknuts. After the nuts have been detached, you can then extract the whole bottom bracket from its shell.

The initial step in putting together a bottom bracket entails slipping it into the bottom bracket shell. Once this is secured, screw on the corresponding locknuts and make sure to tighten each one to the specs laid out by the manufacturer for optimal securement.

Crafted with expertise to work in concert with a torque wrench, the Raceface Bottom Bracket Tool is an invaluable aid to those who possess a Raceface Bottom Bracket. This helpful instrument facilitates effortless removal and installation of said bracket, making it a must-have for any discerning owner.

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