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rigid tool threader

A device specifically designed to carve threads onto material is known as a rigid tool threader. Whether internal or external, this machine has the capability to apply threads onto any workpiece.

Three components make up the immovable tool threader – the spindle, linear-moving feed screw, and cutting-edge tool bit. The workpiece is secure in the spindle, the feed screw aids it to move in a linear motion, and the tool bit function is to cut out precise threading designs into the piece.

One can choose either a manual or automated approach when using a rigid tool threader. For manual operation, no computers or numerical control systems are needed; yet, if automated handling is desired, then a computer numerical control (CNC) setup must be employed.

The rigid tool threader is a reliable and powerful workhorse, adept at threading a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and composites. In addition to the traditional uses on metal, this adaptable tool can create threading on more novel materials as well.

The versatile capability of the rigid tool threader makes it an invaluable asset to many industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and medical fields. The execution of this machine tool yields a diverse range of threads, each consisting of its own set of specifications.

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