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schroder tap wrench

Crafted in the 1880s, Rudolph Schroder’s innovative tap wrench was designed to rotate taps and similar cylindrical items with ease. Consisting of a handle and two adjustable jaws, the tool ensures that the tap is held securely in place while being turned- a feat already deemed impossible before its invention. As a result, Schroder’s apparatus stands as a masterpiece of engineering that revolutionised the traditional methods of manipulating these useful objects.

By simply rotating the knob at its end, the powerful jaws of the Schroder tap wrench open and close with ease. It can handle taps with a diameter of up to 3/4 inches, providing plenty of aptitude for a variety of tasks. To use it, all that is necessary is to pivot the wrench around the tap, twisting its handle until the jaws secure their grip. Lastly, the occupant can twist the handle to complete their intricate project.

No good toolbox is complete without a Schroder tap wrench – a practical device that empowers machinists and engineers to rotate any tap, regardless of size, as well as other tiny cylindrical items. This enormously useful tool is a must-have for any professional looking to make the most of their equipment.

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