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seat belt threading tool

As an essential part of roadway safety, seat belt threading tools are designed to assist in ensuring that belts are correctly attached to the inside of vehicles. Referred to interchangeably as seat belt install or installation tools, these specialized devices serve a very important purpose.

Situated near the headrest, almost all seatbelts come equipped with two sets of grooved slots; one for the lap belt and the other for the shoulder harness. Generally, these slots are located at opposite ends of the seat with the lap belt slots typically being at its base.

Vehicles nowadays come equipped with 3-point seat belts instead of traditional 2-point seat belts, providing an extra set of slots for an added center lap belt. This additional level of protection can make a crucial difference in the event of a collision, and helps to ensure a higher standard of safety.

If you’ve ever struggled and fumbled to push a seat belt’s thick nylon webbing through its designated slots, then you know that this task can be a real challenge. However, the good news is that there is a tool that can make it much simpler. A seat belt threading tool functions as an expedient solution for threading your seat belt through the correct slots with ease.

Threading tools for seat belts are a dime a dozen – you can find them at most stores, ranging in price from under ten dollars to a little over twenty.

Seat belt threading tools come in two varieties: those that offer a guide wire and those that don’t. Those with a guide wire have a small wire which is weaved through the primary slots in the belt. This wire acts as a beacon to guide the webbing through the secondary slots, thus making it much easier to maneuver.

In lieu of cables, various grooves and channels have been implemented in non-guide wire seat belt threading tools so as to usher the webbing along its desired path to successfully make its way through the slots.

If you are a frequent installer of seat belts, or if you need to thread one into a spot that is hard to reach, investing in a seat belt threading tool could save you plenty of effort and annoyance. Even though it is a relatively easy device to operate, such a tool can help speed up the process and dramatically reduce your stress levels!

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