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shimano threaded bb tool

If you’re a cyclist or bicycle mechanic, you’ve likely heard of a Shimano-threaded bottom bracket tool. It’s an indispensable tool for anyone working with a Shimano bottom bracket specifically -which are essentially threaded along both sides- but it’s also capable of handling the installation and removal of various other kinds of bottom brackets, like those from SRAM.

Made of metal, the Shimano threaded bottom bracket tool is fashioned to resemble a wrench, with two jaws of different sizes connected to a plastic handle. A centric opening is placed within the larger jaw to allow for perfect alignment with the bottom bracket during use.

Initially, to use the Shimano threaded bottom bracket tool, the large jaw must be positioned in a manner that the small hole in its middle is facing the axle of the bottom bracket. Subsequently, widen the jaws so that they fit effortlessly around said bottom bracket.

With the teeth of the instrument situated nicely, all that remains is to twist the handle in a clockwise motion. As this motion is performed, the mouth of the gadget will start to shut down around the lower bracket. In time, this lower bracket will loosen and glide off the structure.

Refitting the new bottom bracket is the complement to the process taken to remove it. Installation begins with seating the bottom bracket into the frame. Directly after, adjust the Shimano threaded bottom bracket tool, lining it up with the bottom bracket itself. Spread open the jowls of the tool, then slide in the bottom bracket.

Spinning the handle of the shimano threaded bottom bracket tool in a clockwise rotation creates a secure bond for the bottom bracket. Additionally, this same tool can be leveraged to put in or take out bottom brackets designed and manufactured by companies such as SRAM.

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