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shock cord threading tool

Shock cord is a versatile elastic cord employed in different applications like camping, marine activities, or medical situations. Despite the general notion of strength and sturdiness, it may sometimes snap or become ruined; when that happens, the cord will need to be substituted.

Shock cord is usually composed of nylon or polyester, though alternative fabrics such as Kevlar are not unheard of. The selection of materials decidedly impacts the strength and elasticity of the cords, making nylon and polyester the go-to contenders.

Shock cord can be identified by its unique diameter. Choices range from the most popular sizes of 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch — right up to striking diameters of 1/2 inch and 1 inch. Factors such as strength and elasticity will vary depending on the size of the cord.

Depending on the intended usage, it is critical to choose the right shock cord. For marine purposes, bear in mind that the cord should be able to resist saltwater and sunlight, and have an impressive breaking strength. Conversely, if the shock cord is meant for outdoor camping, it should be strong enough to uphold tents and tarps, although not necessarily as robust as cord for marine use.

Upon confirmation of the application, selecting the optimal diameter and type of cord is the next step. For jobs demanding robust breaking strength, such as marine projects, nylon cord stands out as a solid choice. Conversely, for undertakings which do not rely on extreme breaking strength, polyester cord is generally more suitable—take camping applications, for instance.

Once the shock cord has been selected, the subsequent step is to sow it into the relevant pathways. To illustrate, marine shock cord generally requires webbing or rope as its conduit, while camping shock cord is usually attached through grommets and eyelets. Ensuring that the shock cord is threaded along its ideal routes is undeniably a must for averting it from breaking.

After carefully navigating it through the necessary passages, we can further secure the cord by tying it up. Typically, a standard overhand knot is all that’s needed; however, if more enduring strength is required, such as in situations relating to sailing, it’s advisable to use a double fisherman’s knot for more reliable fastening.

Once you’ve formed a knot, trimming off the excess rope is the crowning touch. Important to always leave sufficient cord length so that the knot is not too close to the end. If it is, there’s a heightened chance of it coming undone. Plus, enough rope should be left so that the product can still be safely used without it losing its secure binding.

With an array of uses, shock cord is a dependable and trusty item that can be employed in any number of scenarios. However, it is imperative to pick the correct type and route it through the balanced channels. When it has been threaded and fastened, the ultimate measure is to cut off any remaining cord.

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