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silverline threaded rivet insert tool

Thread-forming rivets, commonly known as silverline threaded rivet inserts, are a creative and useful fastener typology used to attach two pieces of material. Contrary to traditional rivets which necessitate holes being drilled in both components, it is easy to insert a thread-forming rivet into one piece of material and eventually fasten it in place with a tool. The convenience and accessibility of this fastening means it’s an ideal selection for those situations which render drilling a hole impractical or out of the question.

Silver is the most sought-after material for thread-forming rivets, owing to its capacity for superior durability and strength. Silverline threaded rivet insert tools are the perfect complement to these silver-plated rivets, which come in sizes that fit a wide array of scenarios.

Before employing the silverline threaded rivet insert tool, the operator must work out which size of rivet best suits their project. Next, they must fit the corresponding die which will shape the threads onto the rivet as it is being inserted into the material.

Once the die is prepared, the operator must establish the depth of the cutting tool to ensure it does not pass the material limit. This is completed by modifying the stop collar attached to the tool, as it limits its movement down into the die.

All set and ready to go, the operator can now insert rivets. Gently pushing the tool into the material, a squeeze of the trigger brings the riveting process to life. The tool knows when to quit automatically after each rivet reaches exactly the right depth.

After the tool is switched to the “off” position, it should be removed from the material. Upon observance, a properly inserted rivet will boast a small dimple on its backside. Subsequently, the riveting operator can commence to place the ensuing rivet and continue in this manner of succession until all of them have been inserted.

Silverline threaded rivet inserts are the go-to tool when needing to swiftly and skillfully secure two pieces of material together without having to resort to drilling. Their silver-plated rivets come in a bevy of sizes, making them suitable for all sorts of tasks that require reliable joining.

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