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single point acme threading tool

This acme threading tool is the perfect solution for producing internal and external threads on your workpiece. The device consists of three major components: the body, which is mounted onto a lathe spindle, the cutter that fits snugly onto the body, and a holder, to hold the workpiece firmly in place. With this single point tool, you’ll be able to tackle all your threaded tasks with ease.

To use the tool, its cutter needs to be pushed into the workpiece. The body of the tool then moves back and forth while its cutter rapidly rotates to take away pieces of the workpiece, located underneath, in order to eventually form the desired thread.

The multi-function acme threading tool is a highly adaptable device for constructing many kinds of threads, including external and internal for both left-handed and right-handed application purposes. It is a tool that provides remarkable diversity for threading fabrication.

The single point acme threading tool is a useful device that can create a wide array of threads. One can utilize it to form interior and exterior threads on a workpiece; additionally, it is capable of producing left and right-handed threads. This flexible tool provides ample options to suit any application.

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