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single point threading tool 5tpi

A workpiece can be threaded by means of a single point threading tool. This type of cutting tool is used in combination with a lathe and has one cutting edge. As the bit is fed into the workpiece, it shapes grooves that form a thread.

Craftsmen looking manipulate a selection of materials typically employ a Single point threading tool to fabricate internal and external threads. This specialized apparatus boasts the potential to forge a vast range of pitch types with the simple change of its tool bit. Metals, plastics, and composites are some of the surfaces that could be worked with this tool.

A single point threading tool is a handy and practical accessory with many uses. Its flexibility allows it to craft both internal and external threading – of varying pitches due to its adjustable bit – for a range of purposes. In needing to tackle a broad spectrum of needs, the single point threading tool is an apt choice for any situation.

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