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single-point threading tool

Specifically designed for screw thread creation, the single-point threading tool brings together a point, cutting edge, and shank to make it happen. Making contact with the workpiece is the point, while the task of cutting through the material lies in the hands of the cutting edge. Lastly, the shank draws everything together and is held within the confines of a tool holder.

As the single-point threading tool travels along the workpiece, its cutting blade slices through the material to leave a helical groove – or screw thread. The cutting edge of the tool determines how deep this groove is, while its point introduces an element of width.

An extremely versatile tool, the single-point threading tool can be tapped in order to craft a vast array of threaded surfaces, including in cylindrical pieces, flat surfaces, pipes, and tubing. It is one of the most frequently used tools to make threaded elements.

The single-point threading tool is a versatile tool that enables users to create a variety of threads. Specifically, internal threads are formed when the tool is used to cut into the inner diameter of a work object; conversely, when used against an outside diameter, external threads are produced.

An incredibly versatile tool, the single-point threading tool is effective at cutting through metal, plastic, composite and more – all while able to accurately produce threads on non-cylindrical shapes, be it a flat surface or a pipe.

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