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spark plug threading tap tool

When the spark plug hole threads of an engine become worn or stripped, a specialized tool known as a spark plug threading tap is deployed. This tool makes it possible to forge new threads in the hole and also efficiently remove any dirt or deposits that have accumulated. Through the use of this device, any previously unusable spark plug holes can be restored to their original condition.

To use the tap tool, the primary decision that needs to be taken is determining the size of the hole. Fortunately, these tools are available in various sizes to accommodate different dimensional openings. After picking the right size, the next step is to choose the correspondent tap tool.

Slipping a tap tool into the designated hole, it is imperative to turn it clockwise in small amounts. Too much tightening can cause ruin to the aperture, so use care as you rotate it several times to sculpt newly fashioned threads.

After the threads have been formed, the tap tool can be set aside and a fresh spark plug inserted. To ensure the new spark plug is affixed correctly without any cross-threading, it must be securely screwed in by hand.

An invaluable asset to any mechanic, the spark plug threading tap tool is essential for tackling jobs like repairing worn-out threads or creating new ones within a spark plug hole. When operated correctly, the tool offers an effortless way to insert fresh plugs into an engine, ensuring optimal performance.

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