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starrett tap wrench 91b

For those working with taps and reamers, a starrett tap wrench is essential equipment. Not only does this handy tool have an iron cast body, but it also boasts two adjustable jaws for taking on an array of tap sizes. The jaws can be manipulated with an easy-to-access knob and the grip these jaws provide ensures taps won’t suddenly slip or fail underneath the pressure of work.

Tackling the toughest projects will be easy with the sure-grip of a tap wrench! Designed to provide secure handling for taps or reamers, it gives you greater control over working surfaces. The adjustable jaws easily adjust to accommodate a wealth of sizes, ensuring versatility for any job. Plus, the cast iron body ensures you can use it again and again for even the most demanding tasks.

Anyone who needs to put taps or reamers to use on a consistent basis would benefit immensely from acquiring a tap wrench. Its sturdy make provides a robust grip, resulting in more finesse when turning the tap. Furthermore, it can be tailored to suit different size taps, which makes it an absolute must have in any toolset.

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