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surebonder threaded insert tool

Surebonder’s thread insert tool offers a reliable solution for quickly and securely attaching threaded inserts into wood, plastic and softer metals. Handheld and easy to use, it provides precise, neat installations that give the appearance of professional work.

All the essentials are provided with Surebonder’s threaded insert tool, from a choice of insert sizes to a straightforward instruction guide. Plus, it comes with the unbeatable assurance of top-notch quality you can be sure to trust.

To gain insight into the mechanics of the threaded insert tool, here’s a concise overview of its operation:

To start, choosing the size of insert that is required for your endeavor is the initial step.

Subsequently, take the tool and bore a hole in your piece that is slighter narrower than the piece to be inserted.

Before you proceed, string the attachment through the tool, then slide the tool into the hole you have just created.

Rotate the apparatus in a clockwise direction to entwine the insert into its designated spot.

After inserting, wait until the component sits even with the material you’re using.

Congratulations—you’re finished! All that’s left is to take out the tool.

Upgrade the look and durability of any project with the Surebonder threaded insert tool! This time-saving tool can have your threaded inserts professionally installed in no time, giving you quality assurance straight from Surebonder. Instead of waiting to add threaded inserts, pick up your own tool and see how easy it is to put them in yourself.

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