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tangless threaded insert installation tool

Introducing a revolutionary new installment tool designed specifically for installing TANGless threaded inserts with ease and efficiency. This tool is made for hassle-free placement of TANGless inserts into almost any material, with two sizes – 3/8” and 1/2” –available to suit your needs. Power drill, hand drill, and even T-handle wrench – this tool is ready for whatever methods you prefer.

The TANGless installation tool requires minimal effort to utilize. To begin, simply align the tool with the insert that needs to be installed before inserting into a power drill. To ensure the safety of the insert, be sure to turn on the drill at a low RPM. The device will automatically shut off when the insert is completely inserted and secure. Once finished, remove the tool from the drill and your install is complete – ready for use.

Requiring little effort and available in multiple sizes, the TANGless installation tool is a convenient choice for anchoring threaded inserts into materials like wood, plastics and metal. Ideal for the busiest shop or garage, this dependable instrument offers an effortless insert-mounting solution. Perfect for simple and fast attachment of TANGless inserts, it’s an invaluable asset to get the job done with ease.

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