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When attempting to manipulate larger bolt heads or stiff nuts, a wrench is the perfect tool to complement the task, delivering superior gripping power alongside mechanical assistance for the application of torque to accomplish the desired outcome. By providing additional force and leverage, a wrench makes it possible to deliver continuous rotational power in order to securely fasten connections, although its use may also be advantageous in any situation which requires controlled torque.

The open-end wrench, nickname the crescent wrench, is perhaps the most basic form of a wrench. A split ring comprised of two separate pieces, it slides over a bolt head or nut and can be securely fastened or removed by turning its handle. Unfortunately, this type of wrench is inadequate for larger nuts or bolts as its jaws may easily slip off and its small size does not offer sufficient leverage.

When needing to twist large nuts and bolts, a pipe wrench should be employed. This special wrench offers a long, adjustable jaw that can effortlessly weave into the grooves of the nut/bolt head and secure a firm grip from any direction. Not only that, but the pipe wrench has another shorter jaw readily available for griping the pipe or any other item nearby.

The adjustable wrench is one of the most flexible tools out there. With its cleverly designed moveable jaw, you can easily adjust it to fit the shape and angle of any nut or bolt head. Plus, this handy tool also works just as well for gripping and turning pipes or any other object.

A socket wrench is perfect for turning large bolts and nuts due to its special ratchet-style mechanism; it can turn in either direction with ease. Additionally, a number of diverse attachments, known as sockets, can be connected to this wrench and used to apply power from a variety of angles.

When encountering a stubborn nut or bolt, an impact wrench is the tool of choice. It utilizes a hammering action to apply high torque pressure, freeing the item in question from its tight grip. Conveniently, it is available in a cordless version if you are not near an electrical outlet, powered by batteries instead.

Nuts and bolts come in all sizes, and it’s essential to select the right wrench for the job. Too small or too large, and you risk damaging the nut or bolt head, or not being able to apply the suitable amount of torque. Luckily, there’s a vast range of wrenches available in different sizes to fit every requirement.

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