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For tightening and loosening of taps, the T-bar tap wrench and the L-bar tap wrench are two handy tools. The former consists of a long handle terminating in a ‘T’ shape which can be easily inserted into taps fitted with a square opening, while the latter has its handle fashioned in an ‘L’ shape to turn those taps with a circular hole.

Featuring two maw-like clasps, a tap wrench facilitates the tightening or loosening of a screw. One of the clamps is adjustable, able to open or close when the handle is evidently turned. The secondary snapper, however, is unchanging with its opening reflecting the exact size of the tap’s square or round shaped recess.

A tap wrench is operated by inserting the tap into the stationary jaw, and then setting the moveable jaw up against the tap. When it’s secure, you only need one hand to hold the wrench before giving the tap a twist with the other.

A selection of tap wrenches are offered in an assortment of measurements to fit a range of hand tools and taps. Popular sizes include 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″.

Ensuring the pegs of the tap wrench are spotless and absent of any material is vital for avoiding slippage and elongating the life of the tool. Additionally, precautionary oiling should be executed beforehand to stave off erosion and rusting.

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