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tap wrench se

The tap wrench is designed to provide precise turning of taps and screws when required. This specialized instrument consists of a handle and two jaws, with one being adjustable. Fabricated from steel, the jaws have jagged ridges that provide a firm grip on the taps. Rotating them in a clockwise motion is easily achieved with the use of this tiny toolkit.

To begin tapping with a tap wrench set, the proper size jaws must be found – they should grasp the tap firmly, yet be slightly smaller. With the correct jaws locked in place, the user must be certain that the tap is perfectly aligned with the work area. Then, the tap can be inserted into the maw and the handle squeezed tight to keep it embedded in the jaws.

Firmly clasping the handle, the user must rotate it in a clockwise motion, carefully maintaining a steady pressure so as to not slip or harm the work surface. After turning the handle the required amount of times, then comes the simple process of loosening the grip: simply spin it in an counterclockwise direction, and you may then lift it away from the work piece.

Anyone who works on small screws and taps will find having a tap wrench set in their toolbox extremely useful. Inexpensive and widely available at most hardware stores, this handy tool is an essential addition to any workspace.

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