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tap wrench specification

A tap wrench is a versatile tool designed to work with taps or other small tools. It’s composed of two parts – a rugged metal head, shaped hexagonally or square, as well as a handle made from metal or wood, either straight or curved. Its design ensures maximum functionality and efficacy.

The two distinct variations of tap wrenches are those with a fastened jaw and those boasting an adjustable model. The fixed jaw feature is approachable and the most popular among individuals. It consists of a jaw that is externally affixed to the body of the wrench. However, if extra meticulousness is needed, the adjustable jaw tap wrench can be a great asset. This type features a jaw which is fixedly kept in position with a set screw.

The tap wrench must be matched to the size and type of tap you intend to use. Generally, the sizes available range from 0 to 3, depending on what kind of tap you’re working with; observers might commonly see taper taps, bottoming taps, or plug taps in action.

Requiring an intense degree of precision, the tap wrench is a specialized tool allowing individuals to successfully turn taps and other miniature tools. Discerning users will note that its head is typically made from metal, its shape being either hexagonal or square. Its handle is fashioned out of either wood or metal, manifesting as either a straight or curved structure.

When working with taps, two types of wrenches are typically needed. The most popular option is the fixed jaw wench, which features a jaw that is attached directly to the body of the wrench. For jobs requiring increased accuracy, an adjustable jaw wrench is a better choice; this type of wrench holds its jaw in place with a set screw.

When it comes to tapping a hole, the size of the tap wrench is determined by the scale of the tap being used. The most common gauges employed are 0, 1, 2, and 3, while the most popular variations of taps include taper taps, bottoming taps and plug taps.

From starting up threading in a hole, to being the most popular tap type of all, taper taps have a unique tapered thread that comes to the rescue.

Threads can be cut to the very bottom of a hole with the help of a bottoming tap, a tool whose singular purpose is to create a straight thread.

Tap drills with a tapered threading are perfect for fabricating threads in a non-through hole.

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