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tapping threads with an air tool

Speed and precision are often of utmost importance when working with threads of a smaller nature, making an air tool the ideal choice for executing a successful tap. The capabilities that come with this technology facilitate effortless work, while simultaneously providing accuracy that hand tools cannot match.

When you’re completing a threading task with an air tool, ensure you have the right tap size for the task at hand and never forget to use a lubricant or cutting oil. This will guarantee the tap is safe from harm and give it an extended life-span.

When you’re prepared to begin, make certain that the cutting rims of the tap oppose the workpiece. Then, activate the air tool and gradually push the tap into the workpiece. During this process, the tap will etch threads into the material.

After attaining the desired depth with the tap, reverse its direction and remove it from the workpiece. Make sure to clear away any contaminants such as oil or detritus from the threads prior tothreading the hole.

Eliminating the tedious process of cutting by hand, air tools make creating accurate threads effortless and speedy. To construct impeccable threads each time, consider putting these suggestions into practice.

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