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threaded cylinder tool

An innovatively-manufactured machine bit, the threaded cylinder tool is the ideal tool for creating flutes onto a round object. It is fashioned with a rounded chassis, complete with a spiralling thread carved into its exterior that’s used to cut the specialized patterns into cylindrical items.

The cylindrical object is scribed with unique threads as it moves along its axis as the special tool circles its outer length. The level of threading can be managed through the rotational speed of the instrument.

This tool is effective for creating both external and internal grooves on a cylindrical surface. Specifically, with external threads, the tool is meant to cut into the outer circumference of the object. Meanwhile, internal threads are produced by cutting into the core of the cylindrical body.

The tool offers the capability to craft threads into various materials such as metals, plastics, and wood – provided that they can tolerate the demand during the cutting.

Through the use of a threaded cylinder tool, designers have the ability to generate distinct thread profiles ranging from the traditional V-shaped, square, and round shapes to more customized creations.

Crafting delicate threads has never been easier with the threaded cylinder tool. The pitch – measuring the distance between the threads – can be adjusted for a coarse, fine, or extra fine finish.

It comes as no surprise that the threaded cylinder tool is incredibly effective when it comes to cutting threads of various diameters. What you may not know is that the size of the thread is dictated by the cylindrical object, with the most common sizes available being 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch.

The threaded cylinder tool opens the door to crafting either a left-handed or right-handed threaded object. To make a left-handed thread, one must rotate the object clockwise while to make a right-handed thread, one must rotate the object counterclockwise.

A threaded cylinder tool makes it possible to craft single or multiple threads. To create a single thread, one pass suffices whereas for multiple threads, numerous passes are necessary.

Seen as a member of the tool family, the threaded cylinder offers the opportunity to bring a wealth of thread patterns to life, such as straight, spiral and helical. In addition, those who choose it also open the door to creating unique, non-conventional patterns.

Equipped with an easily adaptable cylindrical design, the threaded cylinder tool is a highly functional device made to generate a range of threads. With its convenient usage and broad thread design compatibilities, it provides excellent results.

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