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threaded insert tool ace hardware

Offering an easy way to attach a threaded insert to a workpiece, threaded insert tools can come in handy for any job. The most frequently used is the hand-held version, perfect for latching threaded inserts onto wood. Bearing in mind all kinds of workpieces and inserts, these tools can present themselves in a variety of unique designs.

When it comes to installing threaded inserts, there are two primary routes – the drill-type installation tool and the hammer-type installation tool. The drill-type is the often the go-to as it efficiently inserts directly into softer woods, like pine. For tougher types like oak, you may want to try the hammer-type installation which is designed to take on the challenge.

To use a hand-held threaded insert tool, start by drilling an appropriately-sized pilot hole into the workpiece. It should be slighter narrower than the outside diameter of the threaded insert. Afterwards, drop it into the pilot hole. Finally, cover the insert with the installation tool and press down on the trigger to commence the fixing process.

When the insert is all set in a snug fit against the surface of the workpiece, the installation has been finished! Finally, after taking out the installation tool, the workpiece is prepared for practical application.

Electric motors can be utilized to take threaded insert tools to the next level, providing a greater capacity for hardware installation in more challenging wood grains. This power-operated variant performs just like its hand-held counterpart, only with enhanced force to drive the inserts securely into place.

Threaded inserts are an excellent way to bolster the durability of a workpiece. With the help of a specialized installation apparatus, one can easily attach them in no time.

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