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threaded insert tool wood

Threaded inserts for wood projects can be created using a special tool – much like a tap and die set, but specifically designed for use with wood.

No matter the size of thread desired or the type of wood to which it will be applied, there’s a suitable threaded insert tool for the job. From pine to other softwood varieties, spiral fluted types are popularly used when creating sizeable, coarse threads. Those requiring finer, more intricate threads typically turn to the straight fluted sort for best results.

To commence the procedure of using a threaded insert tool for wood, one must firstly drill a pilot hole that is slightly skinnier than the tool’s circumference. Next, guide the tool into the hold, spinning it clockwise until it is secure. Finally, rotate it counter-clockwise to create the thread.

In order to achieve the optimum result when utilizing a Threaded Insert Tool on any type of wood, it is recommended that both the tool and the piece be lightly lubricated with wax or an oil to reduce the risk of the tool becoming stuck. Additionally, it is important to maintain the sharpness of the tool’s cutting edges for best performance.

A threaded insert tool is the key to getting the job done when it comes to securing wood screws, machine screws, and bolts. When used correctly, these tools can even create threads that are reliable enough to bear payloads.

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