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threaded inserts tool

Threaded inserts are fasteners that have been designed to convert a drilled opening into an internally or externally threaded hole. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, they are suitable for a range of purposes.

Threaded inserts come in three distinct categories: – Helical inserts – Threaded bushings – And press-in inserts

When it comes to threading solutions, helical inserts are among the most preferred. They come in multiple sizes and can be manufactured from an array of materials such as steel, brass, or plastic. Installation is a breeze and they’re ideal for a gamut of mediums – whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic.

Threaded bushings are a popular way to safeguard the threads of a bored hole. Installing them is a snap, as they are available in numerous sizes and made of materials such as brass or steel. These inserts protect drilled holes from wear and tear over time, keeping them operational for a reliable period.

A press-in insert is a type of threaded insert that can easily be implemented for a plethora of applications. These are crafted from steel, brass, and plastic for combining both strength and flexibility when used in wood, metal, or plastic. With such a selection of materials, press-in inserts are perfect for any task.

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