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threaded orifices press fit connection in downhole vibration tool

Within downhole vibration tools, threaded orifices are employed to create a seal between two connections. By threading an orifice onto a male joint and simultaneously pressing the same orifice onto a female connection, such a barrier can successfully be established to avoid any leakage of fluid or gas. NPT (National Pipe Thread) is the most popular type of threaded orifice used in such arrangements.

Creating an NPT connection is a simple task consisting of two steps. Firstly, a male connection must be threaded with an orifice, and then it must be attached, via pressing, to a female counterpart. Spellbinding by its shape, the NPT is tapered; diminishing in size the further down the connection one can detect. Thanks to this taper, the bond between the two connections is airtight and capable of preventing fuel or gas from leaking out. Representing a popular option in the oil and gas industry, the NPT connection is often used.

A threaded orifice press fit connection is the go-to choice in downhole vibration tools for its considerable strength and dependable no-leak design. Unfortunately, obtaining and detaching the connection proves to be a complicated task that few can undertake with satisfaction.

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