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threaded spring pin bushing tool

A range of sizes and configurations make Threaded Spring Pin Bushing Tools ideal for use in a variety of settings requiring fast, reliable connections. From Automotive and Aerospace to a number of other industries, these adjustable secure bushings represent the perfect choice for efficient assembly to suit any requirement.

Threaded spring pin bushings provide exceptional and enduring security with a robust structure that is capable of withstanding the rigour of rapid movements and heavy loads. By rolling, instead of cutting, the threads on the pins, superior strength is guaranteed as well as improved longevity. The pins are also thermally treated to resist any wear and tear.

A threaded spring pin bushing is only applied after a hole is made in the workpiece, one that is a bit smaller than the external diameter of the pin. The pin must then be slid into the hole before the bushing is attached and secured with tightening force. Once tight, it will rest against the workpiece as intended.

First, the bushing is inserted into the hole. This hole should be a bit wider than the pin being used, allowing the item to slide in and out with greater ease. Then, when wanting to remove the pin, merely unscrew the bushing and out it will slide from its snug fit.

Threaded spring pin bushings offer a quick and efficient solution for your connection needs, with easy installation to guarantee peace of mind. Their snug fit provides a secure hold that won’t loosen over time.

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