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Producing screw threads, a process called threading, is undertaken with the help of a tool known as a threader. This can be done manually with a tap and die set or with the support of a lathe. Threading finds extensive applications in engineering, construction, and manufacturing.

A tap tool allows for the formation of a helically ridged screw thread commonly seen along cylindrical and conical surfaces. This process is known as threading – a means of cutting a spiraling groove in a workpiece. The physical result is a smooth and even set of threads that allows for greater mechanical strength.

Turning the tap clockwise, its exact pitch matching the desired thread, the helical groove is crisscrossed into the workpiece with each rotation. This motion forms a thread with a spiral flute, creating a tool that can equip any material for secure and efficient fastening.

After the gap is gouged, the tap is detached and a die is fixed. This die is an apparatus with a helical flute configured to the same pitch as the desired screw thread. The die is spun counterclockwise, resulting in the thread being etched into the workpiece.

An internal thread is produced when a die is employed, while an external thread is formed when a tap is employed.

A threader offers reliable precision when fabricating screw threads, yet this process can be rather time-consuming.

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